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Sustain, support, & expand the business

  • Allows businesses to manage their store end to end.
  • Make GST invoices and share the invoices digitally with the customer.
  • Give payment reminder & recover payment.
  • The application’s intuitive design enables the merchants to use it for sales, accounting, and online Marketplace.
  • Get updated Inventory real time.
  • The real-time dashboard allows merchants to see the business growth in graphical form.
  • Allows you to manage both offline and online business through one application and one device.
  • Data is stored in the cloud with multiple security layers; hence it is prone to theft, damage, and loss.


Store/ business management

The application has been designed to support various sectors of the business. Be it a service, retails, manufacturing, and many others. For instance, Vardaan is being used by retailers, restaurants, food trucks, poultry shops, boutiques, construction, manufacturing, dry cleaners, photo studio, Medical shop, and many others.

Indeed, the application has all the essential features that allow a business to get managed easily and on the go. So the features are:

  • Inventory management
  • Order creation
  • Bahi Khata
  • Expense management
  • UPI payment option
  • Multiple invoice selection
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    Store Items

    With Vardaan, a merchant can add their store items or services they provide in the application with various features like selling price, cost price, GST%, item images, variants of the product, available stock, categories, description of the product, and even provide them with tags like must try, best seller or new that will reflect in the online marketplace.

    A default store and store items will already be shown in the store items according to the chosen business category at the start; you can delete or edit those items.

    Store items help while creating offline orders for the customers.

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    Manage cash flow

    Vardaan allows the businessman to record all the business transactions easily. It prevents any kind of accidental mistakes in accounting. Most businesses have started to use digital ways for their billing, accounting, and many more. By investing in this application, you could quickly gain significant growth in your business transactions.

    Managing the cash transactions such as sales profits, purchase orders, or even business expenses, deposits, and many more is easier with Vardaan. This is more helpful for creating a real-time cash book. Tallying with the data of the expenses, payments, purchases, and many others from Vardaan becomes relatively easy. This also gives a better option for maintaining the financial figure daily on closing and opening balance.

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    Online marketplace

    Vardaan can help in expanding the business by making the store available online for the customers. Vardaan gives businesses platforms to go online and share their online store with customers via social media.

    For having your online store, select your customized domain name for the online store link and then share it with your customers via QR code and WhatsApp!

    You can also add the additional packaging and delivery charges applicable for online orders and set your store’s time available online.

    By using that link, customers can order online from your store; as soon as a customer orders, merchants will get notified about the incoming order with a choice of accepting or denying it. After accepting the order, it will show on the dashboard for tracking purposes.

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    Business reports

    To stay informed to make the best and strong decisions about their businesses, business reports are needed. With Vardaan, merchants can easily view all the data instantly on the application through various business reports about their business.

    Reports like:

  • Inventory report
  • Top customer report
  • Top selling items report
  • GST report
  • Sales Summary Report
  • Expenses report
  • This is quite an efficient option for extensively increasing the operational efficiency of the business.

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    Record expenses

    For accounting and tax filing, tracking or recording the expenses in the business is most important. With the use of Vardaan, it is quite easier to track the money spent on business. It is quite an efficient option for recording expenses, and businesses could easily optimize the business expenditure by saving more money.

    This application would give you a good option for saving all the data accurately.

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    Bahi Khata

    Record the transactions manually with bahi khata. Merchant can add the manual bill in bahi Khata and can send the notification to the customer.

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    Operate multiple stores

    What could be better than operating multiple businesses or stores from a single device? Therefore, the Vardaan application allows small and medium businesses to run as many businesses as possible through a single account.

    All the stores will run individually, and switching between the stores will not take more than one second. So, the benefit is the harmonization of technology throughout the business. So, this will give excellent control to the merchants to overview and run the stores efficiently.

    Moreover, Merchants can add multiple staff with limited access to run the business.

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    Add discount coupons

    With the help of coupons, merchants can provide discounts to customers in the online marketplace.

    You can provide coupons for the entire stock or a particular item.
    Merchants can use coupons on special occasions such as your store’s anniversary or festivals.

    It is a great feature to attract more and more customers and to drive more business finally!

    Coupons will be visible to the merchant in two sections, the active coupons and the expired coupons.

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    Customer book

    Customers are the god for every business, to have their details saved is very important. Vardaan lets you save your customer details in the customer book with various tags like regular, favorite, buyer, seller, etc.

    The basic details like customer name, customer email ID, and address can be saved along with their GST number if they have any!

    This feature helps you while creating orders and recording transactions.

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    Track your business

    With Vardaan, you can simply track your business from your mobile. Keeping track of the financials in your business becomes quite efficient and straightforward with Vardaan. You can easily track your business anytime and anywhere in a graphical form. Vardaan app offers adequate facilities to track the growth of your business that includes:

    • Total sales
    • Pending sales
    • Expenses
    • Profits
    • Various reports
    • Tracking online orders
    • Inventory management
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    is it for?

    A business that sells goods to the public or provides services in relatively small quantities for use or consumption rather than resale is a retailer.

    For example - Electronic shops, including mobile recharging shops.

    Grocery / Kirana stores

    Bakery, juice seller, medical shops, vegetable shops, tea shops, restaurants, hotels, salons, etc

    Jewelry or garment stores 

    Retailers can use Vardaan to manage their business transactions, record their losses, expenses, and profits, and move their business online.

    For example, see how a vegetable and fruit vendor uses Vardaan and manages his business well!

    Restaurant owners can manage their business well with vardaan by adding their products into the store, keeping track of orders, and letting their staff manage it if they are out.

    Restaurants can go online, deliver their food online with the help of Vardaan in just a few seconds.

    With Vardaan, salon owners can relax and have their digital manager. A salon owner can make a list of the services they provide in the store items, can manage their accounts and transactions, and much more.

    To see how a salon is benefitting itself from using Vardaan, please click here.

    The distributor is the manufacture’s direct point of contact for prospective buyers of certain products.

    A distributor and a wholesaler can make a list of items he distributes to wholesalers and retailers, and whenever someone orders, he can keep track of it!

    The distributor can start distributing online as well with Vardaan!

    He can share the link with his customers, and they can order online whenever they need to refill the stock!

    Benefits of using Vardaan


    Vardaan allows you to manage your business in a language of your own by choosing between 9 different languages.

    Data Security

    With Vardaan Merchant, data is safe, secure, and available for merchants anytime. Data is stored in the cloud with multiple security layers; hence it is prone to theft, damage, and loss.

    Send Business Cards

    Create your professional identity by sharing business cards with your business logo.

    Simple order management

    Manage all your orders offline or online, in one place only, and keep track of each of them.

    Instant invoice messages

    Your customers will receive instant messages of their invoices on their orders on their numbers.

    Get Orders Online

    Create a custom mobile and desktop website for your business to move online and increase sales

    What our customers say

    Businesses from all industries love using Vardaan


    Why can virtual bookkeeping help your small business?

    | July 26, 2021


    “Virtual bookkeeping services are alarming. They won’t work.”

    It’s a typical confusion of the individuals who have not attempted the various online accounting services. In any case, when they do pursue a virtual small business accounting service, they soon understand its advantages.

    How often a day have you seen your staff bookkeeper spending their time at the water cooler or simply talking with associates?

    At the point when you decide on online accounting applications, you can set aside cash and time. And as a business owner, you realize that time implies money.

    Many business owners are unsure about utilizing this because it will mean reevaluating your accounting/budget reports.

    However, did you realize that today’s best, productive small businesses are utilizing virtual bookkeeping services? Indeed, they have accepted it to invest their energy advertising their organizations in the commercial center.

    They are utilizing online accounting as a component of their long-standing manageable business plan. The owners of these businesses have additional time working on the nature of their item/administration and expanding their benefits.

    Be that as it may, how could virtual bookkeeping help small businesses?

    Virtual bookkeeping saves overall cost.

    Assuming you need to improve on your accounting, you ought to consider online accounting applications/services.

    What amount would you say you are paying your in-house bookkeeper? A virtual bookkeeper will cost less to enlist.


    There is no requirement for you to run background checks, provide ongoing training, and so on. The online small business accounting service or application will do that for you.

    By and large, you will save in the area of 30-50 percent of the whole expense of recruiting an in-house bookkeeper and utilizing a conventional accounting framework. The investment funds will incorporate the long periods you and your accomplices spend on those exercises.

    Since an online bookkeeper will be an application, you won’t need to deal with its finance charges, pay occasion time or give different advantages.

    Considering that, you are getting incredible incentives for your money. You will get an extremely experienced, gifted, effective bookkeeper that will assist you with your small business. That is genuinely accounting improved.

    Easy data reinforcement 

    Most virtual bookkeepers will get to your books using cloud-based accounting programming like QuickBooks Online. Cloud-based programming will regularly back up any progressions to your books for your records.

    Like this, you don’t need to make sure to keep an upheld-up duplicate of your financial data; you can be confident you generally have one. Using cloud-based programming regularly additionally implies that you control what portions of your financial data your virtual clerk approaches. They can’t see or retain any information you don’t need them to.

    Convenient reports and monetary data

    Curating your financial data is your virtual clerk’s one job. Full-time in-house accounting staff can get hindered with different ventures and revealing, making it hard to get convenient monetary data. In numerous small businesses, the accounting is finished by the business proprietor, making it practically unimaginable for you to zero in on the two the company and the funds.

    Your virtual accountant will be devoted to guaranteeing you generally have the correct monetary data when you need it. A virtual accounting administration is beneficial for routine financial errands and detailing like month-end close or payroll.

    Closely deal with your organization’s accounts. 

    Since your clerk will keep up with your books basically and frequently distantly, all collaborations with that data will happen using your cloud-based programming.

    This implies that all progressions made to your financial data and books will be accessible to you progressively. A virtual accountant permits you to keep all your financial data forward-thinking and readily available, so you know what’s going on with your cash consistently.

    Customer service? - How to improve it?

    | July 19, 2021

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    Happy and satisfied customers can help you build credibility and get more business – research shows that 77% of customers are probably going to suggest an organization to a companion if they had a positive experience with your company or business. Furthermore, that is the reason you should focus on keeping your customers happy and satisfied with your incredible customer service.

    McKinsey and the company say that,

    “Today’s consumers do not buy just products or services – more and more; their purchase decisions revolve around buying into an idea and an experience.”

    So, if you need your customers to like you, you need to consistently convey the best customer experience. Here are three procedures that can assist you with further developing your customer care norms.

    1. Look for Customer Feedback 

    To give great customer service, you first need to comprehend their requirements, experiences, and pain points.

    For these, you need to assure that you give your customers various approaches to share their input. You can do this through phone surveys or a feedback form sent using email. Besides surveys, you can likewise set up a complaint system, which will better empower your customers to address their issues and problems.

    So, this will tell you about their best, terrible, and ugly experiences when interacting with your brand image. Through this, you acquire genuine bits of knowledge into what you’re doing nicely and which regions require improvement.

    Connecting with your customers to collect feedback also has another significant advantage. It causes them to feel that you esteem them and settle their issues. This can assist with building up trust and may even keep them from sharing their interests or negative remarks via online media.

    2.   Reinforce Your Customer Service Team 

    Further developing your customer service starts with building a solid customer team. Here are how you can reinforce your service performance. 

    • Recruit and Train Professionals with the Right Skills 

    No instrument or AI component will make up for the absence of a talented labor force – when you enlist individuals for your customer service team, you should search for people with the right abilities.

    You ought to likewise put together training sessions for them to further develop their abilities once they’re ready – some outstanding abilities each customer administration agent needs to have are:

    • Compassion and Patience 

    A customer service rep needs to manage various sorts of customers: Some might be irritating or confounded, while others may have many inquiries. A customer support delegate needs to manage every one of them calmly and expertly.

    • Extraordinary Communication abilities 

    Individuals you employ should be confident and have superb communications abilities. They ought to have the option to pass on what they mean positively. And they ought to endeavor never to end discussions such that they leave a customer disappointed.

    • Knowledge

    Ensure that your customer service agents correctly understand your product, services, and pricing plans. If they aren’t sure of something, it’s ideal to say, “I’ll get back to you after checking with our product team,” than giving wrong data.

    3. Track Performance of Your Customer Service Representatives. 

    Are you uncertain of precisely how gifted your customer administration delegates are? You should get some information from their customers about their experiences of dealing with them.

    You can use ratings or reviews, or surveys to follow the performance of every customer service agent.

    So, it would help if you tried to recognize the efforts of your customer service teams, who convey undeniable degrees of customer experience and satisfaction.

    You can reward your top performers with incentives or gifts – this will support and motivate your employees to accomplish your customer service goals.


    Regardless of whether your customer surveys are reasonable, there’s nothing of the sort as over-doing in customer service- there is consistently scope for development.

    You ought to reliably focus on further developing your customer service guidelines. Extraordinary customer service can help you fabricate trust, build brand mindfulness, acquire customer reliability, drive sales, and draw in new customers through significant proposals.

    Keeping your customers happy is more significant for your business than everything else. Ensure you convey 100% customer satisfaction.

    How to run a small business using a smartphone?

    | July 9, 2021


    Small business owners face many difficulties on an everyday premise and no more so than the present moment. In this way, anything that helps your endeavor keep the wheels of usefulness turning is consistently a reward, which is where a smartphone becomes valuable.  A smartphone can help run a small business smoothly and efficiently.

    A smartphone with decent features and the ability to run only a couple of core applications can significantly affect staying beneficial, particularly in case you’re regularly moving.

    While PCs and laptops are yet the go-to productivity tools for some entrepreneurs, a smartphone will allow you to do most tasks in a considerably more productive manner and without the bulk.

    With the cell phone itself, it’s the development of versatile applications that have assisted with making us all a little more effective.

    While applications on smart phones aren’t generally incredible for things like high-volume information section work or composing long business reports, they’re ideal for speeding through other fundamental errands.

    Let’s look at some ways smartphones can help run a small business!

    Download the applications that can be useful across various stages.

    Today, there are a few applications, for example, Google’s G Suite, Office 365, Vardaan solutions,vyaapar, and others, that lessen manual working and speed up the working of businesses. From managing invoices to documenting payments and administrating credit and debit records of clients, these applications computerize the whole process. These applications facilitate the tasks of businesses to a great extent.

    Both the business workforce and clients get convenient notifications about outstanding payments and different specifics. Businesses need not manage the problem of recording or keeping transactions or preparing invoices. It helps in saving time and exertion, which can be utilized for business development and extension.

    Take advantage of voice technology to deal with your business 

    Virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Echo, and so forth have become a part of our day-by-day lives. You may utilize voice innovation to play out a few errands like sending messages, setting a meeting reminder, making a business call, sending official messages, opening applications on your cell phone, and others.

    You don’t have to type a text to direct inquiries on Google or to send email replies. Speak out what you need, and the work will be done instantly. If you utilize your smartphone properly for your business, you can save a great deal of your time and effort.

    Make use of your mobile for text message Marketing. 

    Marketing through text message efforts permits businesses to hold customers by giving them the choice of getting messages from the businesses they have dealt with. More than 90% of people open those messages to think about the new offers and deals. Those texts are short and can be read in seconds.

    Mobile marketing and text informing are viable methodologies to spread the message about your new dispatches and most recent offers. Businesses can even send links to digital coupons using text messaging.

    Keep your official email account available through your smartphone.

    Link your office email account on your smartphone to access and reply to business messages progressively. Besides being easy to understand and versatile, a handset proves helpful to browse messages without getting to your business email account through a PC or Laptop. It not only guarantees a quicker reaction yet, in addition but also keeps the messaging cycle coordinated.

    Keep high-resolution pictures of business cards and product models on your smartphone. 

    Business proprietors need to manage a lot of professionals and other business owners daily. Resultantly, they are left with such a large number of business cards. A large portion of them may end up being profoundly significant contacts for the business. Odds are, you may miss any significant business cards or may neglect to discover them when required. Subsequently, it’s ideal to utilize the versatile camera of your handset and keep a digital copy of the business cards. You may even add point-by-point notes to follow up later.

    Moreover, you can likewise stack pictures or lists of the items you manage. The chosen data, or item detail, can be effectively imparted to potential clients quickly through email or messages without orchestrating a printed copy.


    Today, the utilization of smartphones is not, at this point, restricted to interpersonal interaction. The progressions and incorporations in technology have made these smartphones an exceptionally expected device for all types and sizes of businesses. It has wiped out distance and time restrictions and assisted businesses with building better communication with sellers, clients, and laborers.

    Also, staying updated on the most recent smartphone features to increase your business working and productivity is very important. Whenever utilized shrewdly, the characteristics of smartphones can do wonders in showcasing and developing the business.

    How to separate personal and business finances?

    | July 8, 2021


    It’s simple for your personal finances to get messed up with your business finances. But regardless of the kind of business you’re running, it’s a smart thought to keep your finances separate from those of your business.

    At least, doing this will make it a lot simpler to sort out what you can deduct and what you can’t at tax time. And it will likewise make it simpler to develop your business or even sell it.

    Do not panic if you haven’t yet isolated your records into personal and business stacks; it’s never past the point where it is impossible to begin.

    So you don’t know where to start with separating your personal and business finances? Let’s learn some ways to do it.

    1. Get an EIN 

    EIN represents Employment Identification Number. An EIN resembles social security for businesses. Getting an EIN should be the primary concern for each company. It permits you to differentiate your social security number from your business issues and documentation. It is an interesting nine-digit number assigned by the IRS that distinguishes your business as a functional element.

    So, this number permits you to do all your tax-related business and open a bank account for your business. Therefore, having an EIN is an efficient approach to isolate your business resources from your resources. If you need to apply for an EIN, it is free and requires a couple of moments. Your application is made on the IRS site.

    2. Set up different financial records. 

    If you have separate financial records and are constantly drawing on the perfect record at the tax time, you just have to review your bank statements for a clear picture.

    So, if you can figure out how to utilize your business debit card and stay away from cash, you may even have the option to do your taxes and other monetary detailing straight off your bank statements.

    3. Get a credit card for the business. 

    A business credit card will help you develop a credit history record for your business separate from your personal credit history. So, analytically, your credit card is perhaps the likeliest spot for your finances to get tangled. Therefore, separate credit cards imply that if something goes out of the reach of your business’s current budget, you will not be enticed to utilize your credit card.

    4. Set a total budget for the business. 

    Similarly, as you would prefer not to haul more cash out of your business than your business can manage, you don’t need the business to pull more cash out of you than you can bear.

    Also, numerous entrepreneurs end up siphoning cash from their accounts into their organizations at whatever point there’s a deficiency. Also, in some cases, it’s unavoidable. However, if you have a detailed financial plan that depends on your business’ present profit, you can help stay away from both.

    5. Separate your receipts and keep them.

    What better approach to exhibit your commitment to keeping your personal and business costs separate than by actually separating your receipts? Consider ordinary envelopes or separate organizers in your email for automatic receipts.

    So, this basic practice will help you sleep peacefully, knowing that if the Income-tax department ever comes knocking, you are prepared.

    6. Define boundaries between your home and your office. 

    Divide your office and your home, mainly if you work from a workspace.

    How to separate personal and business finances?

    You are doing as such allows you to guarantee the workspace derivation just as evenly as dividing bills. Regardless of whether you have a workspace, your business shouldn’t be covering the whole electrical bill for your home. Essentially some portion of that weight should fall into your finances.


    From the start, it may not be easy to keep things perfect and clean. Yet, regardless of whether you can deal with a couple of these tips, you’ll set aside both time and cash during the following tax season, an audit, or even while searching for financing.

    Solid businesses develop via cautious, gradual upgrades, and figuring out how to keep your personal and business finances separate is the ideal spot to begin.

    Download Vardaan now from the play store or App store for managing your business and business expenses!

    What are the different wholesale business ideas to do in India?

    | July 5, 2021

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    Starting a wholesale business in India is a practical and beneficial choice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Likewise, the business demands relatively less capital investment than manufacturing tasks. Here in this article, we want to make the best wholesale business ideas and opportunities accessible.

    Starting a wholesale distribution company demands the correct planning and proper inventory management. Additionally, choosing the correct items is essential. Usually, the achievement of a distribution company relies upon the local market interest, product promotion, and customer service. So, at the beginning of this business, a wholesaler shall pick the items that are of his interest and have adequate knowledge of the market needs.

    What is a wholesale business?

    The wholesale business is additionally known as vendor business, or distribution business which refers to a sort of business wherein the items are purchased in huge amounts from manufacturers or distributors and resell to different businesses. Because of mass buys, the wholesaler gets the products at a much lower value, adds his overall revenue, and resells them to retailers.

    Wholesalers don’t sell products in small amounts, but they ordinarily resell in massive quantities. It would help if you began these Wholesale businesses in Tamil Nadu or Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata or Telangana, or some other town or state. The degree of interest in wholesale business relies on the business level you might want to grow, just like the city where you need to begin.

    The ten best wholesale business ideas:

    Automobile products

    The utilization of vehicles has seen a remarkable climb over the past two or three years. In this way, the requirement for maintenance and repair of automobiles naturally increases. This gives another skyline to the deals of auto accessories and extra parts in bulk. It can procure you high benefits. This is outstanding amongst other wholesale distribution businesses in India.

    Wholesale in Textiles 

    Textile tops the rundown of wholesale business ideas. It’s not only a rewarding business portion, yet it likewise offers adaptability. There is a broad scope of thread, fabric yarns, home furnishing, readymade garments, footwear, accessories, etc. This Assortment sets out tremendous freedom for benefits. One needs to have the proper knowledge about the textile business before beginning.

    Children’s Toys Wholesale Business 

    This is probably one of the biggest markets lately and is expected to become greater. Purchasers are searching for extraordinary and intriguing toys. Importing toys abroad is additionally a wholesale business idea that one can pursue and anticipate great returns. Besides, the Indian government is likewise advancing this industry and has been giving plentiful advantages which you could take advantage of.

    Wholesaler of grains 

    India is a crowded nation, and the interest in food grains has consistently stood steady. Few states produce the grains. However, they must be dispersed all through the country. You can turn into a wholesaler of food grains. There are numerous sorts of grains accessible in the market like wheat, rice, maize, bajra, etc. Therefore, it is one of the beneficial vendor businesses ideas.

    Readymade snacks business 

    With the greater part of individuals being foodies in our country, any business related to food can never go down whenever done with legitimate consideration and cleanliness. Each state and each road has its claim to fame in crunchy Munchy bites. Wholesaling these snacks from huge kitchens and bundling them into helpful little parcels to sell at great rates can be a smart business thought.

    Done with legitimate quality and cleanliness, this business will touch new statures in a matter of moments. So, this is perhaps the most profitable wholesale business in India.

    Gifts and handicrafts 

    Wholesale in gifts and crafted works is a productive business idea if planning is done properly. The targeted audiences are small gift shop owners and handiwork merchants. Guarantee appropriate quality and convenient conveyance of things and see your business climbing statures of achievement. So, this is one of the high-margin wholesale businesses to begin from home.

    Distribution of furniture 

    It’s anything but a prospering business thought as furniture is something which is needed in all families. Convenient, lightweight, and multipurpose furniture are favored nowadays. Thus, you can make your own space with some unique ideas and some imagination. This way, your business can grow locally just as globally. This is one of the great high-margin wholesale businesses in India.

    Organic Food Wholesale Business 

    Natural food is getting unprecedented interest as everybody needs to keep a sound way of life. Natural items are sold offline and online. Furthermore, Makers are searching for merchants to arrive at each town to sell their items. Focusing on the wholesale market of organic food can offer nearby and global opportunities.

    Agrochemical Business 

    India is a country that, to a great extent, relies upon horticulture, and henceforth agribusiness can be a standout amongst other wholesale businesses to begin. Selling hardware utilized in horticulture can be profoundly productive. Likewise, clients always show enthusiasm about using the most recent innovation. The reach is from manures to pesticides to natural seeds to substantial fabricated hardware like farm tractors.

    Engineering and Industrial Supplies 

    This is a tremendous industry. Furthermore, it’s anything but a broad scope of items and sub-classifications. The most worthwhile things are machinery, control equipment, pipe and fittings, plastic and PVC items, etc. It is wiser to begin the business of a reputed brand.


    A fruitful wholesale business requires a solid network of suppliers and manufacturers, a decent communication chain, and extraordinary advertising abilities. Start any wholesale business wherein you have some insight or information and buckle down to take your business to new zeniths of achievement.

    So, to know more ideas, click here.

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