Why can virtual bookkeeping help your small business?

why can virtual bookkeeping help your small business?

“Virtual bookkeeping services are alarming. They won’t work.” 

It’s a typical confusion of the individuals who have not attempted the various online accounting services. In any case, when they do pursue a virtual small business accounting service, they soon understand its advantages. 

How often a day have you seen your staff bookkeeper spending their time at the water cooler or simply talking with associates? 

At the point when you decide on online accounting applications, you can set aside cash and time. And as a business owner, you realize that time implies money. 

Many business owners are unsure about utilizing this because it will mean reevaluating your accounting/budget reports. 

However, did you realize that today’s best, productive small businesses are utilizing virtual bookkeeping services? Indeed, they have accepted it to invest their energy advertising their organizations in the commercial center. 

They are utilizing online accounting as a component of their long-standing manageable business plan. The owners of these businesses have additional time working on the nature of their item/administration and expanding their benefits.

Be that as it may, how could virtual bookkeeping help small businesses

Virtual bookkeeping saves overall cost.

Assuming you need to improve on your accounting, you ought to consider online accounting applications/services. 

What amount would you say you are paying your in-house bookkeeper? A virtual bookkeeper will cost less to enlist. 


There is no requirement for you to run background checks, provide ongoing training, and so on. The online small business accounting service or application will do that for you. 

By and large, you will save in the area of 30-50 percent of the whole expense of recruiting an in-house bookkeeper and utilizing a conventional accounting framework. The investment funds will incorporate the long periods you and your accomplices spend on those exercises. 

Since an online bookkeeper will be an application, you won’t need to deal with its finance charges, pay occasion time or give different advantages. 

Considering that, you are getting incredible incentives for your money. You will get an extremely experienced, gifted, effective bookkeeper that will assist you with your small business. That is genuinely accounting improved.

Easy data reinforcement 

Most virtual bookkeepers will get to your books using cloud-based accounting programming like QuickBooks Online. Cloud-based programming will regularly back up any progressions to your books for your records.

Like this, you don’t need to make sure to keep an upheld-up duplicate of your financial data; you can be confident you generally have one. Using cloud-based programming regularly additionally implies that you control what portions of your financial data your virtual clerk approaches. They can’t see or retain any information you don’t need them to. 

Convenient reports and monetary data 

Curating your financial data is your virtual clerk’s one job. Full-time in-house accounting staff can get hindered with different ventures and revealing, making it hard to get convenient monetary data. In numerous small businesses, the accounting is finished by the business proprietor, making it practically unimaginable for you to zero in on the two the company and the funds.

Your virtual accountant will be devoted to guaranteeing you generally have the correct monetary data when you need it. A virtual accounting administration is beneficial for routine financial errands and detailing like month-end close or payroll. 

Closely deal with your organization’s accounts. 

Since your clerk will keep up with your books basically and frequently distantly, all collaborations with that data will happen using your cloud-based programming.

This implies that all progressions made to your financial data and books will be accessible to you progressively. A virtual accountant permits you to keep all your financial data forward-thinking and readily available, so you know what’s going on with your cash consistently.

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What are the benefits of online business?

Benefits on online business

As a business, one should get all opportunities that can benefit the business owner. Your online presence can help your business reach and connect with its audience at a worldwide level. As a result of that, where your physical store can’t reach, your online website can and it can prove to be one of the benefits of online business.

There are times when the customers prefer to visit the website first to look at your services, products, and reviews before visiting your physical store. Presently think, consider the possibility that you don’t have an online presence; I mean no online store. Indeed, there are high possibilities that you wind up losing an expected customer. I’m certain you will not need that! 

There are endless advantages to having an online business. In our previous blog – benefits of online business, we listed down some of them; in this blog, we’ve recorded some more reasons that legitimize why your business should be online. Let’s get into the article.

1. 24/7 business

Without the web, the business can’t offer its services for 24 hours. One of the significant advantages of having an online business is expanded and unsurpassed accessibility. With the assistance of an online website, you can allow your customers to visit and know about the business and services anytime and from any edge of the world. This can not be possible with an online business. Your customers can find out about your products and place orders at their convenience.

Envision how advantageous it is for your business to offer its services for a more period and even during holidays. It is very much like making cash even when you are sleeping because the internet is there for you. Your business should be accessible to those buyers who lean toward online shopping over the physical one to increase the reach. 

Additionally, we are looking at moving your business online, which doesn’t imply that you are shutting your conventional business. So, at last, having an online website for your business will increase your lead and sales in the market.

2. Great for specialty items

If you sell specialty items, working online is great. Individuals searching for a specific kind of item can, without much of a stretch, find and access your services, which implies that you can profit with more customers contrasted with a blocks and-mortar set-up, where you would be available to a restricted scope of individuals. Organizations, for example, Bikerringshop, sell expert items like skull adornments and skull rings. By working online, they can contact a worldwide crowd for their specialty items.

3. Exceptionally well known with buyers.

More and more buyers presently appreciate the straightforwardness and comfort of looking for services and products online. By setting up online, you will cater to this developing interest. Nowadays, individuals are accustomed to having the option to search for anything they need at any time.

4. Gives boundless opportunity 

Numerous entrepreneurs are attracted to online businesses as a result of the opportunity they offer. Current innovation, workstations, tablets, business applications are only a portion of the instruments that permit businesses to be worked from any area. Whenever you are in a Starbucks, look around- I ensure somebody is chipping away at their online business or startup with wifi and tasting their number one espresso. 

Not being attached to a specific area or work area all day can be very engaging. A few business visionaries don’t have the foggiest idea of how to adjust opportunity and flop pitiably, while others use the opportunity as inspiration to work much harder. Try not to confuse opportunity with time to relax. Genuine business visionaries regard opportunity and comprehend that difficult work is certainly worth the capacity to invest more energy with their families and participate in exercises that most pass up because they are essential for the all-day granulate.


There may be a few benefits of having an online business, yet one thing is without a doubt that you need to put forth the very attempts that you make in your offline business. By endeavors, I’m alluding to the promotion and publicizing of your online business. 

In the current situation, the significance of online business can’t be disregarded. Choosing not to see the advantages of having an online business is similar to denying the development of your business. Thus, don’t sit around any further and influence what the web has to bring to the table your business!

Download Vardaan now and move your business online in minutes!

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The Operator Section- Vardaan

Vradaan- the operator section

The operator section of Vardaan is one of the most important and beneficial features provided for the merchant to operate the business. The word operator explains itself; it means who can help the merchants to run the store smoothly. 

Different people play different roles in every business to run the business smoothly, like agents, business partners, delivery person, store managers, salespeople, etc.

In the operator section of Vardaan, you can add everyone who helps in running your business smoothly by adding their name and number. Vardaan also gives access to the store by the position they hold! 

When you add people in the operator section, they get notified over their respective phone numbers through a text message.

Let us go through each category Vardaan provides in the operator section:


A partner is a person who is equally the owner of the business and shares all the responsibilities, profits, and losses. In the operator section, you can click on the partner, add his name and number. After adding he/she will get access to all the features of the store you have created in Vardaan. He/she can make changes, add items or delete, can track business, and many more with that access.

Store Manager

A store manager is a person who is responsible for handling the store and has access to the limited features. The features he/she can access are store items and bulk upload.

The store manager can add/delete or edit the items in the store, and if the store manager wants to add the store items in bulk, they can use the bulk upload feature.


An agent is a middleman appointed to negotiate and, if required, conclude contracts with customers on your behalf. So you have the contract with the customer. Agents make a commission on the sales they make, usually on a percentage basis.

So, If you have an agent of your business that sells your products on your behalf, you can add him in the operator section. You can add him by clicking on the agent, adding his name and number, and getting access to the features like orders.

So, if he sells anything, he can add those sales to orders and have the commission set by both of you for him.


A salesperson is the ambassador of the business in the external world. He or she helps customers find what they are looking for in a store. 

In the operator section, when you add a salesperson, he/she gets access to orders, cashbooks, expenses, customers, and business cards.

So, by the list of features he gets to access, he/she can take control of what is being ordered, the expenses, the daily balance and earnings from the cashbook, and many more.

Delivery person

As known by our customers, we provide businesses with an opportunity to move online.

If your business includes delivery services to customers at their homes, you can add the delivery person. After Adding the delivery person to the operating section, you can give him access to the order status update.

Therefore, the delivery person can only change the status of the order from pending to delivered.

Other than that, he will get not get access to any feature.


With Vardaan, we can add more operators based on the requirements of the business. 

Watch our youtube live for more clarity on the same and more information about our application!

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How Vardaan helps you run your Dhabha business?

How VArdaan helps your dhabha business

Starting a Dhabha requires cash, inventive thoughts, and versatility towards the progressions in the market, which will help the Dhabha business thrive. A few entrepreneurs start a business and run it for a couple of days. In any case, with regards to managing finances, they think that it’s troublesome as all are not good at managing. 

Starting a dhabha is simple, but building up and staying in business is a test. The reason is competition, managing funds, remaining at standard with innovation, satisfying clients, and so on; along these lines, entrepreneurs may feel crushed if they can’t develop their income. So, there are many mobile apps available in the market which help you manage your end-end business. Vardaan is one of those Saas (Software as a Service) tools that allow small businesses to run their day-day operations efficiently.  It enables small merchants to manage their stores & take the store online. One application, numerous benefits is what vardaan wishes to offer. Therefore, Vardaan is truly what its name suggests, a gift to small and medium businesses.

Vardaan now has a wide variety of customers, from businesses that provide services or sell items. At present, Vardaan is already supporting +29 different segment types. 

How does Vardaan help run a Dhabha?

Vardaan- The Digital Store Manager

Vardaan can manage the dhabha very easily by various features like- Store item management, Inventory management, Order creation, Bahi Khata, Expense management, UPI payment option, and Multiple invoice selection.

So, you can add the food items/cuisines you provide in the dhabha. And with various filters like selling price, GST%, description, and stock availability in just a few clicks.

You can also manage business-related expenses by registering expenses like travel, rent, or wages in the expense feature.

In no time, you can have a track of your expenses and store items with your digital store manager-Vardaan.

Vardaan- Your Accountant

With key features in Vardaan like Store Item entry, Inventory management, Order creation, Customer interaction, Expenses, Digital payments, Digital marketing, and many more, a Dhaba business can start using these features and its inbuilt algorithm for calculations related to their dhabha business.

Vardaan- the digital accountant

The business now can have business reports for every business-related query like top-selling item or service or GST report, inventory reports, etc. 

So, now you can track the growth of the dhabha business in graphical form with Vardaan’s real-time business dashboard that lets you track your losses, expenses, and profits.

The online Dhabha business

Vardaan helps in expanding their business by making their business available online for the customers. How?

Vardaan gives the platforms to businesses to go online and share their online store with customers via social media. For having your dhabha online, you first have to select your customized domain name for the online store link and then share it with the customers via QR code and WhatsApp!

You can also set the online business operation timings according to the requirements and set the charges applicable for online services all in one app- Vardaan!

So, now customers can order your food online and enjoy the meals by sitting at home. 

The Digital Staff and Store Operations Manager

Handling the management alone is quite hard, especially when many orders are coming in and your business is flourishing. 

Just for days like these, you can give the store operators the feature of Vardaan and give one of the most trusted staff the access to run the dhabha on Vardaan. 

You can manage the staff with this feature by filling in the basic details of the team.

You can now manage the Dhabha and staff both from one place- Vardaan!

Digital advertiser for your Dhabha business

Digital advertiser for dhabha business

The business cards create a great first impression and are a great way to advertise the business. Hence, you should have one designer business card, which is now possible through Vardaan. 

Vardaan allows you to make your digital business card and share it with customers. You have various options to choose from business card templates and have the business card ready for the dhabha in just a few minutes. 

Final Words

Therefore, Vardaan can give your dhabha business a real Vardaan by making the business of serving people delicious food easy, handy, and all in one place. The dhabha can now run successfully with almost no challenges to face!

Not only dhabha owners, but you can also make your business go digital and thriving in no time with Vardaan! Download Vardaan now from the play store and AppStore!

The sky’s the limit for us, and that should be the same for SMEs, manage your business digitally, expand it by going online, and enjoy more benefits with Vardaan!

“Vardaan- Banaye aapke business ko digital and aapko aatamnirbhar.”

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