Mobile invoice applications-A new way of business

Regardless of whether you’re a store owner, service provider, or freelancer, the marketplace in today’s era has become increasingly competitive. Attracting and holding customers is a major business. Businesses of all sizes require to search for approaches to save more time and money. Increasing efficiency and convenience for customers is foremost. Therefore, the benefits of using mobile invoice applications become key to scaling the billing models. 

Scaling the business may sound unimaginable, yet one of the principal spots to begin is with the billing. By finding a productive method to create invoices, you can accomplish that increase alongside monitoring financial data. Above all, this is completely done while improving the cash flow. 

Unfortunately, using paper to create invoices and creating invoices on Excel isn’t the most efficient. Mobile invoicing applications are the way to go. So many businesses are resistant to move to online invoicing, even if it could save their business.

What is Mobile invoicing?

Mobile invoicing uses your cell phone to send bills to your customers electronically so they can pay you. There are numerous advantages of this innovation for business people. So, if you are on travel and want to provide services to customers’ workplaces, mobile invoice applications are a light-speed approach to send the invoices to customers who need to get them. Mobile invoicing can save time and cash. 

Also, you can choose from various Mobile invoice applications accessible that have other beneficial features like an online marketplace, tracking your business growth, etc., like Vardaan.

Benefits of Mobile invoicing Application.

1. Payments come in faster!

The online invoicing application makes the invoices quicker. Mobile Invoicing prompts quicker payments by speedy processing of the whole invoicing process. So, the invoices produced with the Mobile invoicing application automatically sends and impact your customer to make payments faster.

2. Increases Trust, Confidence, and Satisfaction of customers

The mobile invoice application provides easy access to real-time information to customers. This makes consumer loyalty more prominent and ensured security to the customers anywhere, anytime. With regards to the issue of trust, certainty, and Satisfaction, mobile invoicing assists with building a long-term relationship with the customers. 

It is a more comfortable way for your customers to pay and improves relationships with the customers.

3. Finally, getting rid of keeping track of paper and pen.

More than writing the calculations on paper, what disturbs most is the ‘pursuing’ act behind them and draining time and energy to keep them safe and secured. The invoice app supports you in keeping all the data stored in one place and all the security you can expect.

4. Efficiency

It is consistently imperative to know precisely what is happening in your business to be more productive. Using the inventory management system that comes with the invoice application, you can keep track of products that are not selling and cut them next time when restocking your inventory. It is essential to maintain the perfect measure of items available at any given point in time. Regardless of the circumstance, it is critical to satisfying customers’ orders with no delays or issues successfully.

5. Online Business :

The number of online users is growing rapidly. This growth has led to an explosion of online businesses. With all of these opportunities and competition in the industry, companies should regularly keep track of their goods online and their finances.

Even the smallest mistake can cause a significant setback for a business due to a negative customer review. Using the right invoice application will help you keep track of your orders and prevent problems from damaging customer relationships.

Final thoughts!

Finally, digital invoicing gives your business a more professional and expert look and feel. It provides a good image and an impact on your customers. This may not be a huge deal. However, it will assist with delays and barriers to accepting payments.

For instance, would you become a customer for a business that accepts only cash? That “cash only” might be advantageous for that business. In any case, as a customer, how frequently do you truly carry around cash?

Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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How salon businesses are using Vardaan?

India is going through an incredible wave of change as our economy continues to expand in different verticals. Therefore, for the first time in our nation, we’re seeing a fast development of the private venture section. With the formation of foundational railroads like affordable cell phones and information, UIDAI, IMPS, and UPI, and the centralized GST system over the most recent couple of years, MSMEs today are uncommonly open to adopting technology and innovation into their business. So, Understanding the difficulties of MSMEs like salon businesses, grocery stores, etc., we’ve fabricated a ground-breaking level business application that supercharges these ambitious small businesses; and we’re calling it Vardaan– Banaye aapke business ko digital and aapko aatamnirbhar.

What is vardaan?

Vardaan is truly what its name suggests, a gift to small and medium businesses. Vardaan allows small businesses to manage their businesses or stores digitally. It allows small merchants to manage their stores & take the store online. One application, numerous benefits is what vardaan wishes to offer.

Vardaan now has a wide variety of customers, from businesses that provide services or sell items. At present Vardaan is already supporting +29 different segment types. 

“Beginning a small business that provides services is not a cakewalk, be that as it may, building up and staying in the business is a test.”

The kalon spa and salon, one of the small salon businesses owned by Mrs. Shanaya Sharma, in Bangalore, Karnataka. Mrs. Shanaya was initially facing a lot of challenges in managing her salon’s business, she was losing track of her business, also, she was not able to manage the expenses and she was even losing customers because of management that was not up to the mark.

Mrs. Sharma was anxious about her salon business so she started looking for solutions. She first thought of hiring an accountant to manage the business and developing her application to go online. But all this was not under her budget, so she wanted something affordable and different.

While looking for some other solutions, she came across Vardaan and downloaded it from the play store. She started using Vardaan to manage her online and offline business, but how?

How did Vardaan support the Kalon and spa salon?

The objective for Vardaan is to allow businesses to completely operate their store from end to end digitally. The application’s perceptive user interface empowers the vendors to employ it for sales, accounting, and online Marketplace.

Small businesses do not need extravagant and costly software tools, to maintain a data-driven business, a knowledgeable and reasonable tool is required. Numerous small businesses tend to die at a beginning phase in India since they don’t have a sensible apparatus to deal with the business and gauge the peril in question.

So, With this purpose of serving small businesses, Vardaan became a great help for Mrs. Shanaya Sharma and her salon businesses.

1. The Digital store manager for Kalon spa and salon

Vardaan made managing the salon easy for her by various features like- Store item management, Inventory management, Order creation, Bahi Khata, Expense management, UPI payment option, and Multiple invoice selection.

Therefore, In just a few clicks, Mrs. Sharma added the services she provides in the store with various filters like selling price, GST%, description, and stock availability.

Not only she could manage the services, but she could also manage the business-related expenses by registering expenses like travel, rent, or wages in the expense feature.

In no time she had the track of her expenses and store items with her digital store manager-Vardaan.

2. Vardaan- Her very own accountant

With key features in Vardaan, for example, Store Item entry, Inventory management, Order creation, Customer interaction, Expenses, Digital payments, Digital marketing, and many more. Mrs. Sharma started using these features and its inbuilt algorithm for calculations related to her business.

After that, The kalon spa and salon now have business reports for every business-related query like top-selling item or service or GST report, inventory reports, etc. 

Mrs. Sharma was able to track the growth of her business in graphical form with Vardaan’s real-time business dashboard that lets you track your losses, expenses, and profits.

So, In no time the business management of kalon spa and salon came on track with the help of Vardaan- that makes your business digital!

3. The online spa and salon

Vardaan helped her in expanding her business by making her salon available online for her customers. How?

Vardaan gives the platforms to businesses to go online and share their online store with customers via social media. For having her online store, Mrs. Sharma first selected her customized domain name for the online store link and then shared it with her customers via QR code and WhatsApp!

She could also set the online salon operation timings according to her requirements and she set the charges applicable for online services all in one app- Vardaan!

Now customers could order her services online and enjoy the services by sitting at home. 

4. Her digital staff and store operators manager

Handling the management alone is quite hard, especially on the days you want to take an off but want your business to run smoothly! Just for the days like these Mrs. Shanya used the store operators feature of Vardaan and gave one of her most trusted staff the access to run Kalon spa and salon on Vardaan.

Not only this, she could manage her staff with this feature by filling in the basic details of her staff.

Mrs. Shanaya Sharma now manages her store and staff both from one place- Vardaan!

5. Digital advertiser for Kalon spa and salon

Mrs. Sharma always thought that business cards create a great first impression and are a great way for advertising the business, so she wanted to have her one designer business card, which was now possible through Vardaan. 

Vardaan allows you to make your digital business card and share it with customers. She had various options to choose from business card templates and have her business card ready in just a few minutes. 

Final Words

So, Vardaan gave Mrs. Sharma a real Vardaan by making her salon business management easy, handy, and all in one place. The kalon spa and salon are now running successfully with almost no challenges to face!

Just like Mrs. Sharma, you can make your business go digital and successful in no time with Vardaan! Download Vardaan now from the play store and AppStore!

The sky’s the limit for us and that should be the same for SMEs, manage your business digitally, expand it by going online, and enjoy more benefits with Vardaan!

“Vardaan- Banaye aapke business ko digital and aapko aatamnirbhar.”

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Benefits of Online business

There are two principle manners to set up a business these days. The first is conventional, i.e., a physical one, and the online business, which has begun to trend. Many people decide to make traditional organizations. That is good as they can later move the business online and take benefits of online business and traditional business and have more customers. 

The new mobile applications offer the features of managing the stores offline by providing inventory, billing & accounting features. They also create a beautiful catalog for the online marketplace. The businesses are benefited from both online and offline modes as it does not have commission involved. 

The individuals who haven’t made the mind to move their business online will discover some exciting benefits of doing that.  

Five different benefits of moving business online.

Better customer reach

Many customary businesses are bound to be at a nearby market, a small town, or region. Moving the store online will pull in customers. More customer means more business, more revenue, less operating cost hence more profit. 

Setting up an online store for a business will represent the business will be open day in and day out, and customers can buy at any hour.

The merchant can share the online catalogues through WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media channels. The sharing will enhance the reach to the local community and also to the Pan India customers. 

Offering simpler access to customers 

Envision having a vehicle rental business in Bengaluru, which one would say is one of the most looked for corporate bachelors in India: what better than advancing it online? Those hoping to lease a Bengaluru vehicle will initially do an online hunt before going to the store. 

If a customer wants to rent a two-wheeler, they can choose which model they want and how long they want. Then they schedule the delivery of the vehicle at their doorstep according to their preferences.

Better advancement for the customary business 

Moving an organization online doesn’t mean closing down the customary one; it will prompt expanded perceivability in this requesting market. Its online rendition can supplement a typical organization. 

Perhaps the best model is Switzerland, a little country with the neighborhood market for conventional organizations additionally being moderately small. This is why numerous entrepreneurs have set up Swiss web-based business organizations to advance their organizations outside the country. 

Online organisations infer lower organisation costs. 

Perhaps the best-preferred position of moving your business online is diminishing certain expenses. This incorporates extra room expenses: through an online business, one can essentially orchestrate the items sent straightforwardly from the provider to the customer. This will likewise take into account quicker conveyance and less administrative work for the online entrepreneur. 

Notwithstanding, having an online business will mean following similar prerequisites forced by the law on conventional organizations and avoiding web tricks. 

Improved customer assistance 

Staying in contact with customers and getting input from them is a lot harder while having a conventional physical business in particular. Working an online business, then again, will improve this piece of the business and subsequently increment its validity. Besides, having an extraordinary customer care segment will draw in more customers as expected. 

Having an online business or moving a customary organization online unquestionably accompanies a few favorable circumstances, among which adaptability is perhaps the most significant. 

While moving a business on the web, the entrepreneur should regard the neighborhood enactment, including the new GDPR forced in the European Union since a year ago. Furthermore, make sure to request legitimate guidance from a Dutch law office if working together in the Netherlands, for instance, before making any strides is fundamental.

Move your business online with Vardaan.

Vardaan gives businesses platforms to go online and share their online store with customers via social media. 

For having your online store, select your customized domain name for the online store link and then share it with your customers via QR code and WhatsApp! 

Download Vardaan now!

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Mushroom Mahila from Bihar empowers 10,000 women!

Like the other women, Bina Devi- Mushroom Mahila, after marrying into a family of Dhauri village, Munger district, Bihar would spend her days cleaning, cooking, and doing household chores limited within her new home’s boundaries. At that time, things were not any different from any other village in the country. Any work outside the four walls of the house is considered beyond the capacity of a woman.

How did Bina become Mushroom Mahila?

What people did not know was Bina was born to be different. Bina empowered herself with all her grit and guts that she has in abundance! This woman would pick up farming equipment if rightly encouraged and trained; she would also earn the label of ‘Mushroom Mahila’ of Munger, who empowers hundreds of her sisters. Bina also received an award from the President of India! 

“I had a fire within me. One that was silent but continuously burning, looking for a direction. And after some time, I found it,” recalls Bina, who was one of the many women trained by Munger’s Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Agriculture Science Centre), an agriculture extension under the government.

This training was to empower rural women to be more involving in organic farming so that women can help their households financially and contribute to the well-being of the environment.

“I was fascinated by it and how easy it was to grow them. What was even more shocking that very few people knew or indulged in this trade. So I decided I would,” she said. The training gave her the equipment, and her growing interest in the field introduced her to- mushroom farming, yet another natural wonder!

Breaking stereotypes

In the year 2013, her journey of breaking gender stereotypes from within the very doors of her home started. That to it all started from under the bed! 

“I got in touch with the Krishi Vigyan Centre people, and they started explaining to me all the nitty-gritty of growing mushrooms. I had an old palang or cot lying around the house and growing a kilo of mushroom under it. Mushrooms are highly nutritious and have a high value in the market than many other fruits or vegetables. I was not just farming at home but also going out and selling it in the haat or bazaar, and that was something, not just for me, but for all the women in the area,” she shares.

Her Journey

The journey that started from 1 kilo gave her the recognition as ‘Mushroom Mahila’ of Munger; her journey has been exponential and extremely humbling, she mentions, in response to the recent Nari Shakti Puraskar she won from President Ram Nath Kovind. She was among 16 other women who were honored with this prestigious award on 8th March.

In the initial stages, it was difficult for Bina- The mushroom Mahila to break the patriarchy; village people used to discourage her and even made fun of her, she recalls. “People in the village would call me crazy for doing this. Even in usual vegetable farming, I would make jaivik (organic) manure using dairy waste like cow urine and dung, and that would often disgust people and give them a chance to ridicule me,” she says.

“But, I stuck to it and worked hard, and in no time, the results were out in the open for all to see. I didn’t have to say anything; my actions proved my work’s merit and changed their perspective. Soon other women began to join me.”

Helping women and Farmers

Bina has also been inclined and actively involved in spreading digital literacy among women. For that, she was even awarded by Tata Trusts for training 700 women how to use mobile. She has also helped 2,500 farmers create self-help groups and taught them the Rice Intensification (SRI) method of crop farming.

Bina served as the sarpanch or village head of Dhauri Panchayat in Tetiabamber block for five years due to her extensive work in this sector and her contribution to developing rural and women! During her time of power, she promoted organic and mushroom farming and trained people in vermicompost production, an organic insecticide, and dairy farming.

Today, she single-handedly supports an entire family of 18 members, with her monthly earning of Rs.90,000 (Rs 30,000 from mushroom farming and Rs 60,000 from the organic farming of miscellaneous vegetables), while also financing the education of her four children.

“I have three sons and one daughter, and all are studying outside in various parts of India. Apart from my boys, my daughter is also studying hard to become an engineer. People ask about her marriage plans, and I say I don’t care because I want her to be independent first. It is the most important gift a parent can give to their children, especially daughters. Because, when women are encouraged and supported, they can truly make any impossible possible!” she concludes.

Final words.

Just like Bina, Vardaan supports and empowers women in all ways possible!

Here’s wishing all the wonderful women a delighted International Women’s Day!

As Michelle Obama says, 

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

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Manage fruit and vegetable business through Vardaan?

Nearly everybody needs to turn into a financial specialist in the present period. Running a fruit and vegetable business in India of your own is one of the most straightforward and profitable business ideas. So, it is additionally the most beneficial road. But before starting, you need to analyze that this idea is right for you or not. Not ignoring the fact that this small business idea has minimum hindrances in the way. But there is relentless competition around here. 

“An average fruit and vegetable seller sells almost all the vegetables and fruits available according to the season. The potential customers would be almost everyone!”

Whenever you have discovered that this business thought is an ideal fit for you, you are prepared to make the following stride. There isn’t only one stage, yet a few steps should be followed consistently in a specific request to prevail in this business. We examine the means to open a vegetable and fruit store in India to ensure that it is all around arranged out, lawfully agreeable and enlisted appropriately.

How to start a fruit and vegetable store in India?

Determine the structure of your fruit and vegetable business, kind, and format.

Home Online Fruit and vegetable store: With an application like the Vardaan and having pictures of your items. You can start a fruit and vegetable selling service online, and you can run it from your home. So, you don’t even need to open a storefront.

Counter Service fruit and vegetable store: You can open a storefront fruit and vegetable where the customers can walk-in, pick up and take away the goods. You can also have your store online and deliver goods to customers’ homes after ordering with Vardaan!

Wholesale store: With selling your products directly to the consumers, you can also sell your products to various other businesses like cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores.

How to run a fruit and Vegetable store with Vardaan?

Small businesses do not need extravagant and costly software tools; a knowledgeable and reasonable tool is required to maintain a data-driven business. Numerous small businesses tend to die at a beginning phase in India since they don’t have a suitable apparatus to deal with the business and gauge the peril in question.

So, to serve small businesses, Vardaan can become a great asset for a fruit and vegetable business.

1.Vardaan-  Your very own accountant

With key features in Vardaan like Store Item entry, Inventory management, Order creation, Customer interaction, Expenses, Digital payments, Digital marketing, and many more, a fruit and vegetable store can take advantage of these features and its inbuilt algorithm for calculations related to the business.

The store now can have reports for every business-related query like top-selling item or service or GST report, inventory reports, etc. 

The store can track business growth in graphical form with Vardaan’s real-time business dashboard that lets you track your losses, expenses, and profits.

2.The online fruit and vegetable store

Vardaan can help in expanding the business by making the store available online for the customers. How?

Vardaan gives businesses platforms to go online and share their online store with customers via social media. For having your online store, select your customized domain name for the online store link and then share it with your customers via QR code and WhatsApp!

3.Manage staff digitally and make store operator 

Handling the management alone is quite hard, especially when you want to take an off but want your business to run smoothly! So, just for days like these, use the store operators feature of Vardaan. And give one of your most trusted staff the access to run the store on Vardaan.

4.The Digital store manager

Vardaan manages the store easily for the business by various features like- Store item management, Inventory management, Order creation, Bahi Khata, Expense management, UPI payment option, and Multiple invoice selection.

You can add the items you provide in the store with various filters like selling price, GST%, description, and stock availability in just a few clicks.

5. Digital advertiser for the store

Business cards create a great first impression. They are a great way for advertising the business, so having one designer business card can make it possible.

But how to get the business card? So, it is possible now with Vardaan!

Vardaan allows you to make your digital business card and share it with customers. You have various options to choose from business card templates and have your business card ready in just a few minutes. 

How To Run A Successful Fruit and Vegetable Store In India?

Step 1: Register your business:

Choose the right name for your store and register your business. While registering, check whether the store name that you have finalized is available in your state or not. So, if you plan to have your trademark, make sure your brand doesn’t match your existing trademarks in your business field.

Step 2: Open a business bank account:

Use a dedicated and separate business bank account for your store. This is essential so that you don’t end up mixing personal money with professional money. This will ensure the protection of your assets. When your personal and professional accounts are mixed, your assets such as your home, car, and other valuables are at greater risk if your business has a great loss.

This will also help you get credit cards and other financing options in your business’s name to get better interest rates and higher lines of credit, which are suitable for running your business smoothly.

Step 3: Set up your business team:

Record your various expenses and income sources. This will help gauge the financial performance of your business. This team will help you organize your data records, and this will help you in the annual filing of taxes. Learn important GST norms as well as rules & regulations too. 

Step 4: Obtain necessary permits and licenses:

You need to receive the relevant permits and licenses to run your store successfully. This i\needed to violate any regulations put up in the state by the govt. If found guilty of a violation, you may be required to pay hefty fines. And in case of a gross breach, it may even result in the shutting down of your business.

Step 5: Define and promote your brand:

Your brand speaks volumes about you, and it tells you how the public perceives your business. A strong brand helps you compete well with your competitors. Figure out marketing strategies for promoting and advertising your brand. You can partner with other well-renowned brands and businesses in your area to promote your brand through their outlets. Your business can even set up your online store with Vardaan to promote and expand your business. You can ask for feedback from the customers to get good reviews from them. So, this will even increase your sales because of the rave reviews from your existing customers.

Step 6: Offer discounts:

You can increase your sales by giving higher discounts on specific items on special occasions such as festivals, viz—Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, Mid-year sales, New Year Sales, etc.

I am starting a fruit and vegetable business in India- Final Words!

You could open your fruit and vegetable store whenever you want to feel it is a good business option. So, just follow our step-by-step advice, download Vardaan to manage your business better, and follow it to have a successful business of fruit and vegetable stores in India. Therefore, you could open a paint shop or an electrical hardware shop, or any other company, depending on your business location’s growth potential.

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Vardaan – A Digital Munshi For Indian businesses

Vardaan- A digital munshi

Digitization is a reality that thrives the hopes of small and medium Indian Businesses

Micro Small Medium Enterprises are the backbone of Indian businesses and the economy. According to the MSME Ministry’s 2019 annual report, out of 6.33 crore MSMEs in India, only 0.05 lakh are medium enterprises while 3.31 lakh are small and 6.30 crore are micro-units. Government initiatives in Ease of doing business, for example, Atamnirbhar Bharat & Skill development initiatives are a powerful boost on medium and micro-enterprises.

Sustain, Support & expand the businesses

So, sustain, Support & expand are the three powerful mantras from where Vardaan kicked off. So, for half of this decade, we have talked about Digitization in the industrial sector. Therefore, we firmly believe that if we innovate something affordable, easy to use, and suffice the requirement, India’s micro & medium segment is ready for Digitization.

“More than 75 % of MSME’s have a digital sense, they use smartphones and Internet”

How Vardaan supports the Indian businesses?

The purpose of VardaanYour very own digital munshi is to allow businesses to manage their store end to end. Therefore, the application’s intuitive design enables the merchants to use it for sales, accounting, and online Marketplace.

Moreover, small businesses do not need fancy and expensive software tools; however, to run a data-driven business, an intelligent and affordable tool is required. Many companies die at an early stage in India since they don’t have an affordable tool to manage the business and forecast the risk involved.

“The path to digitalization is from Digitization. So, let’s digitize to bring innovation in making a smart business decision.”

The Top 5 Features of Vardaan:

1. Vardaan– Your digital Munshi

So, Vardaan has many features for store management:

  • Store Item entry
  • Inventory management
  • Order creation
  • Customer interaction
  • Expenses
  • Digital payments
  • Digital marketing

So, the application algorithm does all the calculations related to business and reports. In addition, the real-time dashboard allows merchants to see the business in graphical form. Our customers think it is an essential and helpful feature since this gives a visual insight into the business.

2. Operate Multiple Stores with multiple staffs

What could be better than operating multiple businesses or stores from a single device? Therefore, the Vardaan application allows small and medium businesses to run as many businesses as possible through a single account.

All the stores will run individually, and switching between the stores will not take more than one second. So, the benefit is the harmonization of technology throughout the business. So, this will give excellent control to the merchants to overview and run the stores efficiently.

Moreover, Merchants can add multiple staff with limited access to run the business.

3. Store/ Business Management

So, the application has been designed to support various sectors of the business. Be it a service, retails, manufacturing, and many others. For instance, At present Vardaan is being used by retailers, restaurants, food trucks, poultry shops, boutiques, construction, manufacturing, dry cleaners, photo studio, Medical shop, and many others.

So, the initial POC on the application gives a storing indication of the adaptability of the application across segments.

Certainly, the application has all the important features that allow a business to get managed. So the features are:

  • Store item management
  • Inventory management
  • Order creation
  • Bahi Khata
  • Expense management
  • UPI payment option
  • Multiple invoice selection

4. Online Marketplace

Vardaan also provides Online Marketplace. You can share all your store items and products to any customer or social media platforms, for example like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, and get your business online. Also, offline and online store management can be done through the same application and same screen.

The application allows you to manage both offline and online business through one application and one device.

5. Data Security

Above all, customer data security is paramount, and our technical team has given various checks and has adapted the best practice to make the system hack-proof. So, with Vardaan Merchant data is safe, secure, and available for merchants anytime.

Data is stored in the cloud with multiple layers of security hence it is prone to theft, damage, and loss.

Vardaan takes care of your data so that you can take care of your business.

Give Your business a Vardaan!

So, technology has given Indian businesses a way to digitize the business and took us one step closer to digitalization. Therefore, we are ready to adapt to the business needs and we are ready to customize applications based on the business type.

So, the goal is to have one super application that suffices for the major section of the business.

So, run your business on a smartphone from anywhere, anytime!

Get your very own Digital munshi now-

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How to stay motivated as a brand new business owner?

When people transition from being an employee to a business owner or an entity, they leap from being an employee to their setup leader. It becomes incredibly overwhelming, and at the same time, you require sheer commitment and will to sustain what you have built from being a small part of corporations where you are handling predefined tasks and set goals to set up a task or target with a deadline. One requires a lot of accountability, and it is essential to be self-motivated.

It is challenging, especially when things aren’t going your way and experiencing a rough patch. The business owner gets too bogged up in daily operations and gets too indulged in working with the business rather than working on the business. Another mammoth task is to keep your team motivated while going through the crest and through. Now that is a possibility when an entrepreneur displays impeccable leadership through Discipline and Self-motivation.

How does a new business owner stay motivated when laying a foundation or are in the initial stage? The answer is pretty simple: Dedication, Reflection, Focus, and Patience. 

Here are the ways through which you can keep yourself motivated and develop endurance for the long run.

Mission and Vision

Big or Small, every business owner should have a mission and vision statement to define your broader goals and objectives and how you visualize yourself a few years down the line. This will help you grow, but it will keep reminding you of your motive, purpose, and why you are in the game. What significant impact you want to create can be justified by your vision and mission statement. 

Alongside, please write it down somewhere it is visible to one and all within a team. It should be a propelling factor for everyone on board.

Action Plan

When you have established a strong mission and vision for the company, it’s time to set an action plan for timely execution. An action plan with a clear deadline will help you foresee your long-term and short-term agendas. You have to understand and define what you want to achieve, primarily daily, weekly, and monthly. The action plan should be broadly classified on individual and team levels. 

Often you will find yourself shuffling through deadlines, shifting goalposts, and delaying things. This is the procrastination bubble that you should bust as soon as possible. This brings me to my next point, “Set tangible goals.” Accomplishing smaller victories will boost your confidence, and bear in mind, don’t let your goal turn into a wish. 

Pause and Reflect

Often, when you are too indulged in hustling, you tend to lose out on taking a pause. It becomes essential to give yourself that leisure time. It could be anything ranging from an hour daily during lunchtime to a holiday. It’s a high possibility that you can’t catch up on a plane and fly to exquisite destinations. But you can give yourself some small breaks during the day to refresh yourself, and that will give you the room for creativity, relax you, and develop more focus. This will also enable you to clear the clutter in your mind and bounce back more effectively and efficiently. 

Get back in touch

While you get into your day-to-day operations, you tend to lose a bigger picture. Hence, it becomes vital to go back to the roots and scratch the surface. Revisit your motive and intentions that why you had this idea in the first place. Profit-making apart, what was your tipping point? These answers will help you re-ignite your enthusiasm, and you will work towards your goal with superior clarity and passion.

Organize your routine. 

Often, there is a lot of emphasis being laid on your routine, particularly your morning routine. The reason being these are your most productive hours, and your mind tends to be in a much calmer state. The best way to start is by meditating or observing your breaths. This will help you refresh your thoughts, purify your mind and develop laser-sharp focus. Once you have won the first few hours of your day, there is no doubt you are going to seize the rest of the day. These small things can create a bigger impact on your productivity and, ultimately, your business. 

Consume Wisely.

In this world of “Information Overload,” you will thrive if you consume wisely. Just like how you feed your body is of utmost importance, your mind deserves a healthy diet. By that, I mean you have to be very particular on how to denote time for activities that will help you develop perspectives and enhance your vision and outlook towards business and life in general. Be it Books, Podcasts, TED talks, or articles, customize your content as per your interest and consume things that will keep your inspiration intact.

Quality Hibernation

More often than not, sleep is the most underrated aspect of your daily shenanigans. Quality sleep can make you more productive, focused and bring more efficiency to your work. Sleep is never worth sacrificing. Improper sleep can degrade the quality of your work, and you can lose the zeal for working. As Jeff Bezos says, “8 hours of sleep can mold the next 16 hours”. 

While you are putting your best foot forwards, reflect on the challenges you had in the past and how you overcame it. We often tend to forget our past victories in the pursuit of what’s in front. It’s said that the motivation doesn’t last long, and so is the bathing. That’s why one needs to get motivation regularly to keep the ball rolling. Never fall back and remember why you love what you do and why you are passionate about keeping your business up and running. 

Final Words!

Whats better than having an digital assistant with you to track your business at the initial stage and then become your accountant at your success!

Vardaan is that application for you, it will keep you managed and motivated!

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